The Permanent International Secretariat of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, acting as the administrator of the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility approved and decided on 14th of June, 2018 to award a grant to the project “Development of a tentative model of a Single Information Space in the BSEC area “GOLDEN FLEECE”. The appropriate application was submitted by the MKR Media, Inc. – a legal entity from the Russian Federation in compliance with the BSEC Economic Agenda and the Donor’s priorities.

MKR Media, Inc. will develop a Single Information Space for BSEC member states

Television, radio, Internet – the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation will have a new media platform – Single Information Space "GOLDEN FLEECE". A Single Information Space designed to unite the cultures and economies of the countries of the Black Sea Region will be developed using cutting edge technologies. The grant for the implementation of this large-scale project was won by MKR Media, Inc. from Black Sea Project Promotion Facility operating within BSEC PERMIS.


The Single Information Space is envisaged to consist of mainly two inter-related resources, with the GOLDEN FLEECE Joint Television Network at its core - broadcasting across the BSEC Member States - and the GOLDEN FLEECE Information Portal on the Internet.

MKR Media, Inc.

Has started the implementation of the project. A team of experts has been formed and a plan of concrete actions has been outlined. The analysis of the compatibility of the television systems of the BSEC member States is carried out, the range of potential stakeholders in them, as well as the project partners from among the interested Russian and foreign structures in the thematic areas of the future resource is determined; the presentation materials of the project are prepared.


Vardan Bagdasaryan


Expert, on development of a tentative model for the Joint Television Network and Informational Portal