Interim results and further inter-country cooperation in the frame of the “Golden Fleece” Project were discussed at the PERMIS Headquarters

           The First meeting of the “Golden Fleece” Managing Committee gathered a range of BSEC Member States, interested in the Project implementation and particularly in the further inter-country cooperation within the Single Informational Space (SIS).


          This event took place at the PERMIS Headquarters in Istanbul on 30 January 2019 and was attended by a delegation of the Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (BRAF), headed by its Secretary General, Professor Hamit Ersoy.


          At the beginning of the discussion, the Secretary General of BSEC PERMIS, Ambassador Michael B. Christides emphasized [MLL1]  an ambitious and wide scope of the project to create a tentative model of the SIS of the BSEC countries. He also spoke positively about the project, but drew attention to the need for more dense contacts with the Secretary General of BRAF, Professor Hamit Ersoy who is considered to be a seasoned expert in the field of telecommunications.


          The interim results achieved in the preprocess of the development of a tentative model for the SIS in the BSEC area were delivered by the representatives of the “MKR Media, Inc.”, which implements the project, co-funded by the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility (BSPPF). In particular, they presented a full scope report on the progress of the project. They also pointed out, that "MKR-Media" has got its own positive practical experience of establishing a number of international information platforms - for example TV-BRICS, identified its existing media opportunities in general.  The presented model of the future SIS, which will highlight the common socio-economic issues in the region and enhance the inter-country cooperation between the BSEC member states, aroused a growing interest among the meeting`s participants. The representatives of the different countries, who attended the First meeting of the “Golden Fleece” Managing Committee, asked numerous questions and exchanged views on the most effective ways of the further implementation of the project. A number of participants (representatives of Armenia, Bulgaria and Greece) expressed their willingness to bring the information received to the capitals, as well as their interest in receiving additional materials on the project in order to identify possible effective ways for their countries to contribute to the establishment of the SIS.


        Meanwhile, based on the experience gained from the similar initiatives and from their cooperation with other international organizations, Prof. Hamit Ersoy shared his views concerning the technical and broadcasting-related aspects, necessary for the implementation of the “Golden Fleece” project.

        In general, the participants, including the BSEC and BRAF leadership, welcomed the progress made in the implementation of the “Golden Fleece” project and stressed their readiness for a full support of the project and for broad range cooperation in the field. The corresponding official note with the announcement of the event was sent to the ministries of foreign affairs of the BSEC member States. Next regional meeting of the “Golden Fleece” Managing Committee is scheduled for the end of March in Georgia (Tbilisi).