The presentation of the project "Golden Fleece" will be held in Tbilisi

     The presentation of the project for creation of a Single Information Space "Golden Fleece" for the Black Sea countries will be held on the 21st of March, 2019 in Tbilisi. The Single Information Space “Golden Fleece” intended for broadcasting to the countries - members of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), and the information portal “Golden Fleece” will be officially presented for the first time on a regional basis for the three countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia as a host.

     The “Golden Fleece” project provides for a creation of a tentative model of the Single Information Space of the Black Sea basin countries, which along with Russia include 11 more states: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Georgia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. This project is the first attempt to establish an information and communication interaction between the Black Sea states for the purposes of economic growth, improvement of market mechanisms and sustainable development. The application of the international media holding MKR-MEDIA received approval from the BSEC in June 2018, becoming the first agreement concluded by the organization with a private company. The project is carried out with the co-financing of the structural division of the BSEC Black Sea Project Promotion Facility, BSPPF.

     During 2018 the holding was actively involved in the implementation of the “Golden Fleece” project. MKR MEDIA, Inc. formed a pool of experts, developed a plan of concrete actions to be taken, analyzed the compatibility of television systems of the BSEC member states, identified a number of potential stakeholders, as well as potential project partners from among Russian and foreign structures in relevant thematic areas. Presentation materials and the official website of the project were also developed.

Several international meetings on the implementation of the project have been already conducted. The latest events took place in Istanbul on the 30th of January in the office of the Permanent International Secretariat of BSEC (BSEC PERMIS) and on the 21st of February in the office of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB).

     The resources of the “Golden Fleece” project will contain analytical and reference materials on the following topics: economics and finance, industrial strategy, law, social trends and quality of life, labor and professional activities, migration, education and science, culture, religion, tourism, sports and leisure. A special place in the content of the Single Information Space will be devoted to such topics as the integration mission and activities of the BSEC, as well as related structures, entrepreneurship and public-private partnership. The Single Information Space is intended to become a communication hub for private, state and public enterprises and organizations, as well as individual citizens for economic and other activities - trade, labor relations, environmental protection, culture, education, and tourism. The materials published on the platform of the Single Information Space will reflect the central role of the interstate and intercultural dialogue in the interests of the Black Sea region and the international community as a whole.

     The presentation of the project “Golden Fleece” will be held in a solemn atmosphere in the capital of Georgia, in the hotel “Tbilisi Marriott”: Tbilisi, 13 Rustaveli Ave.


Gathering of guests: 10.30 - 11.00