The first regional presentation of the “Golden Fleece” Project took place in Tbilisi, Georgia on March, 21

Media without the borders: presentation and open discussion of the drafted concept of the Single Information Space (SIS) for the BSEC member countries.


Within the first step of the grant implementation, MKR Media Inc. formed a pool of experts, developed a road map consisted of the concrete actions to be taken in order to establish the SIS and conduct the analysis of the television systems` compatibility of the BSEC member states.


As a result of the preliminary marketing research, the drafted concept of the future SIS has been established by the Project`s experts. From the very beginning the Project was considered as a non-political undertaking. It is aimed to meet the expectations of all countries and citizens of Black Sea Basin.

In order to collect and consider the opinions of the BSEC member states, as it was provided in the Application Form it was decided to organize a range of the regional events, aimed at gathering all interested stakeholders and countries representatives. Thus, the capital of Georgia, the land of “Golden Fleece”, has been chosen first for such regional event to present the above mentioned concept for Caucasus countries.


This event, which was held in Tbilisi on 21th March, was attended by the representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the interested BSEC member counties, BRAF, UNIDO, as well as by the local stakeholders acting in the possible areas of cooperation, such as culture, health, mass media, civil organizations etc.


The aim of the “Golden Fleece” Project is to create a joint communications hub for private, government and public organizations, as well as for the civil representatives and simple citizens, highlighting the issues from different spheres from health and education to culture and tourism.


“This Project implies the further preparation of the tentative model of the future joint information space for the member countries of The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC). “Golden Fleece” is aimed at the development of the inter-countries communications, business and cultural relations. It has do nothing with politics and it is made fully to reach the expectations of every country and citizen of the Black Sea Basin which is our mutual home”, - underlined the Project`s coordinator Andrey Pylev.


Actually, the first step of the preparation of SIS tentative model was made by the proper marketing research on the international level, conducted by the Project experts. The core idea of this activity was to identify the possible areas of cooperation among the BSEC member counties, considering the regional specifics: “The main target of this work is to present the new approach to the development of the international media and we, as the experts, focused us on the digital communications and on the “media without the borders”, i.e. how to establish the joint platform in the social-media world”, - concluded his speech the Project`s expert Sergey Vodopetov.

In particular, Secretary General of the Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (BRAF) Dr. Hamit Ersoy also shared his opinion about the current Project`s activities and gave the important recommendations for the future concept development. “Indeed, the integration is very crucial for the development of the international relationships and we have to consider opinions of all 12 member counties and get in touch with all of them”, emphasized Mr.Ersoy. He also mentioned, that for the creation of the future SIS content we need to gain the support from the National Governments and public organizations as the trusted source of information. Concluding his speech, Dr.Hamit Ersoy expressed the willing of BRAF to provide their support by invitation of the BSEC member counties to participate in the future events.

Mr. Ersoy mentioned in his interview to BRICS TV: “Todays project is one of the instruments by which the member countries (the BSEC member countries) will have the potential and instrument to develop the cooperation in the field of the audiovisual sector”.


As the result of the meeting, the Project`s experts noted all the opinions and comments by the participants of this regional event, which will be considered in order to improve the concept of the SIS tentative model. But already now it is clear, that this Project attracts the interest by the representatives from the different spheres, which was stated by the public organizations and entities, whose representatives attended this event in Tbilisi.