Implementation of the Project “Golden Fleece” will be supported by the Steering Committee of the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility


As many years ago at the ancient times, the “Golden Fleece” becomes the new symbol of modern relationships among the member countries of the Black Sea region. The centuries changing each other, but the common goal of the global agenda of international cooperation remains the same – sustainable economic growth and development.


The Project “Golden Fleece”, approved in June 2018 by the Steering Committee of the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility (BSPPF), is aimed at development of a tentative model for the establishment of a Single Information Space (SIS) intended for BSEC member states.


On 30th October under the initiative of an official grant-holder “ICD-Media”/MKR Media, Inc. the first international meeting dedicated to the further Project`s development was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Within this meeting, organized by the Permanent International Secretariat of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, there were discussed the core ideas and purposes of new joint information space, which is expected to unite the BSEC member countries by means of highlighting the key areas of cooperation.


The initial presentation, demonstrated by the Project`s experts, emphasized the major approaches and operation principles of BSEC Single Information Platform.


It is expected that the new Information Space will show the potential of the BSEC countries in terms of enhancing inter-country cooperation and addressing the region`s actual problems, such as economical and financial issues, social relationships and quality of life, tourism, labor and professional employment, ecology and energy efficiency, as well as education and science etc.


Given that this Project is characterized by its inter-country character of implementation and is aimed at international cooperation in the field of sustainable economic development, it was decided to establish a Project Steering Committee (PSC) with the support of BSPPF. Michael B. Christides, the Secretary General of the BSEC Organization, proposed to gather the representatives of all 12 countries in the frames of first PSC meeting again in Istanbul.


As a result, all participants of the meeting agreed, that the implementation of the «Golden Fleece» Project will significantly help in attaining the 17 goals of sustainable development, that were set by BSEC and its member countries.


Official minutes of the meeting, which include the decision regarding establishment of the respective PSC, were forwarded to the Ministries of foreign affairs of the BSEC member-countries. The document is also available under the following